Information about equine activities and services available at Mandolin Creek Farm

Mandolin Creek Equines provides services and support for all horse-related activities at Mandolin Creek Farm.

Presently, these activities and services are not available to the general public, but they may be offered in the future.


  • Pony rides: for the wee ones
  • Trail rides: for the rest of us
  • Hay rides: for a more leisurely experience
  • Agriculture: for farmers and ranchers
  • Logging: for the ruggedly rough and ready


Residents and guests may utilize our services for their own horses:

  • Breaking and training
  • Trimming and shoeing
  • Lessons: riding, driving, logging, agriculture, trimming
  • Boarding for workers, guests, and events

In addition, we offer a number of resource sharing programs that allow city folks to participate in equestrian activities:

  • Horse shares: access our stable of ranch horses for your riding pleasure
  • Trail shares: access our extensive riding trails and obstacles


Mandolin Creek Lodge includes two stalls suitable for housing horses. These contain provisions for automatic water systems, salt blocks, and a big blue tub for serving hay. A small loft above the stalls provides space for a few tons of hay.

Arena Plans

Mandolin Creek Farm has started working on the architectural and design tasks required to construct a large multipurpose structure suitable for housing all future equine activities and services. A large driving arena (160' x 300') will dominate the space, with ample stalls, turnouts, tack rooms, hay storage, and much more. If you would like to help realize this vision, please contact Zach to discuss your ideas.